The number of important details in Schönberg’s biography is vast: from academia to concert halls where he left his mark, his homes and sojourns, to the hundreds of his pupils, colleagues and notable contemporaries, his everyday dealings with music copyists and publishers, doctors and businessmen – all are of relevance, however multifarious, when confronting such an artistic personality as his; they are all everyday aspects which, in sum, fit together to reflect the complexity of such a life as Schönberg’s.

Although lexicographic compilation could make this plenitude more accessible, it could scarcely present it commensurably. Thus, the Schönberg Global Map is attempting something different; users can choose whichever points they want within a freely chosen area, whether out of specific interest, individual preference or simply spontaneously. The probability of finding traces of Schönberg in one’s own native place is greater than one might expect.

An extensive Schönberg topography is gradually developing from historical images and films, as well as present-day photographs of relevant sites, creating a widely ramified network from isolated items.

Should you have additional entries or relevant photographs that you feel should be included in our Schönberg world map, please contact us: archiv{at}schoenberg{dot}at

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